How to easily send money abroad with Revolut

Easily get started with Revolut

Revolut allows you to easily get started when sending money abroad. You can now convert money easily with Revolut, every time you spend or send money abroad.


Step 1: Open a Revolut Account

What do you need to  open a Revolut account?

Opening an account with Revolut only takes a few minutes, and you set one up directly from your phone. To complete the opening up of a Revolut account, you'll need to download the app, provide your phone number, set a password and verify your account using the six-digit code that will then be sent to your phone.

Step 2: Top-up your Revolut Account

How easy is it to  top-up a revolut Account?

After you have you have downloaded the Revolut app and signed up for an accunt, you are now ready to top-up your account. You can top-up Revolut in 4 easy steps using a debit or credit card:

1️. Tap the '+' button in the top right corner

2️. Add the card you want to top up from

3️. Confirm the amount you want to top up your account with

4️. Tap 'Top Up' and and start spending fee-free!

Step 3: Send money abroad with revolut 

How easy is it to  top-up a revolut Account?

You can now make free and instant transfers to Revolut users in 30+ countries.

1. Send money for free and instantly between Europe, the US, Singapore, Japan, Australia and beyond

2. Transfer in 30+ currencies, or in commodities or cryptocurrencies

3. Get the interbank exchange rate whenever you exchange major currencies (within your foreign exchange allowance limit)

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