FinTech and Mobile Payments


2015 is definitely gearing up to be the year of mobile payments. The state of mobile payments today is just kicking off and I am excited to be in the middle of the disruption and innovation. I am currently involved in the development of the marketing strategy for a disruptive solution to be launched later this year. The global mobile payments revolution isn’t on its way. It’s already here and I´m definitely excited to be part of the innovation in financial services! (Click here to get a sneak peek)

Horizon 2020 – Research, Analysis and Proposal


In 2014 I was excited to work on an EU Horizon 2020 SME Open Disruptive Innovation Proposal which was successfully funded in 2015. It involved adaptive planning, continuous improvement and flexible response to change. Formulating a new product launch strategy has been a learning experience. It was a challenge adhering to the SME Instrument participation requirements and call delivery schedules. The whole SME Instrument Phase 2 proposal preparation process involved market research, strategic business planning, prototyping, exploitation and commercialization planning. (Click here for more about the SME Instrument)

SEA – Search Engine Advertising


I have enjoyed planning, creating and maintaining innovative and successful SEA campaigns for our core products like meinegirokarte.de. The innovative campaigns have and continue to enable productivity, relevance and value to our core banking products. This involves price setting, interest targeting, and reporting.


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