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Fintech: Call To Action On Financial Inclusion

PayPal and Village Capital have decided to answer the call to action on financial inclusion. In December 2015 I commented on the number one factor that would end up helping financial inclusion in 2016. Call to action for social impact entrepreneurs Yesterday PayPal and Village Capital announced that they would build a supportive ecosystem for Fintech social impact entrepreneurs, which… Read more →

Digital Currency

Digital Currency: Are you ready for the future of money?

  I was just reading a digital currency article (Is the world ready for digital money? Experts debate the issues) by Laura Singleton, Imperial College London and couldn‘t help but be impressed by the strides digital currency has taken since first developed and how quickly the whole digital currency ecosystem has matured. What is digital currency? Digital currency is a… Read more →

Financial inclusion

#1 factor that will help financial inclusion in 2016

I was just reading a fantastic article by John Boitnott, 8 Ways Financial Technology Will Evolve in 2016 (well, I had to go easy on the Christmas turkey helpings and find something interesting to concentrate on!) and one thing that I agree with is the concept of educating consumers into making smarter decisions. The consequence of this education is the… Read more →


Will Millennials fully embrace mobile payments in 2016?

Campass Plus recently completed a consumer survey in the UK that points to a not very rosy future for mobile payments when it comes to the next big-spending generation, Millennials. The survey concluded that despite the increase in alternative payment methods and solutions, Millennials (aged between 18 and 34) do not plan to replace traditional methods in the next 10… Read more →


IoT & MasterCard will turn purses into contactless payment devices!

So I’m on my commute back home after a rather eventful day (Tuesdays always seem to be) when I get this MasterCard alert. It turns out, I’m still in the Back to the Future mode! MasterCard is apparently planning to turn your average items into contactless devices. My first immediate thought is the basement full of “average items” that need… Read more →