A call to all the Fintech clairvoyants: 2016 Predictions?

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PredictionsHo. Ho. Ho. `Tis the season to cautiously make Fintech predictions.

This goes out to all you fantastic novice and self-proclaimed Fintech clairvoyants. That’s right! Before we even unwrap our gifts on Friday, let’s gloat a little on what a fantastic year 2015 has been for Fintech.

2015 predictions for Fintech sectors

At this time in 2014 we made a lot of predictions. Some of you (well, most of you!) were spot on. Here is a look at SOME of the Fintech sectors that you predicted would have a huge 2015:

Asset Management – Big data and powerful analytics tools were instrumental in 2015 in ushering in a new breed of real time investment strategies. The playing field was leveled and investment opportunities or strategies which previouly only high-net-worth individuals could access are now available on smartphones.

Crowdfunding and Marketplace Lending – A staggaring $16 billion was crowdfunded in 2014, and we are on track to hit $34 billion in 2015. Massolution made a few predictions that crowdfunding will account for more funding than venture capital. Marketplace lending saw borrowers benefit from lower rate loans and investors with a differentiated, higher yield source of fixed income.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain – Cryptos and Blockchain saw very improved reception in 2015. Blockchain is surely going to continue to have a banner year!

Payments – The most disrupted financial sector in 2015. The whole end-to-end payment ecosystem came under constant attack from Fintechs resulting into some fantastic products.

Bank Technology and APIs – Banking APIs saw a very great 2015. With the UK open bank API initiative to the PSD2 calls for access, it is safe to predict that this trend will continue. The guys at the Open Bank Project in Berlin impressed in 2015!

Robo-Advisors and Investment Management – 2015 saw increased Robo-advisor technology use and integration. It was used as a supplement to the advice financial advisors provide creating a segmented service offering and targeting younger or cost-conscious clients.

2016 predictions for Fintech sectors

Although there were a lot more Fintech predictions made for 2015, Payments and Crowdfunding had the best year!

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So now dust your crystall ball and make your predictions of what 2016 will mean for Fintech.


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