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Foolproofing Fintech? The UK government experiment

No one can now doubt that London is the Fintech capital of Europe. It is definitely one of the world´s fastest growing tech hubs and has now become the go-to destination for a lot of Fintech entrepreneurs. London now has over 44,000 Fintech workers, (and over 155,600 digital tech professionals) more than Silicon Valley and New York. What´s unique in… Read more →


Is Fintech Innovation now under threat from major Banks?

We are starting to see unprecedented increase in capital in search of good ideas and innovation. Europe saw a 215% growth rate in FinTech investment in 2014. The UK and Ireland, the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, and Germany saw investments of $623 million, $345 million, $306 million, and $82 million respectively. Fragmented Approach to the changing Innovation landscape “How are… Read more →

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It’s No Longer The Coming Revolution. FinTech is Already Here!

And here to stay it is. If you haven´t been paying attention, words such as Internet of Things, API, Big Data, Data aggregation, Digital Native, Encryption, Single Sign-On (SSO), Sharing economy, Finserv, Hacker, Disaster recovery, SAAS, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, Bitcoin, Blockchain etc. have become mainstream. No longer are they just confined to certain industries. They have become daily trends. The financial… Read more →