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Market Share Truth: Fintechs focus on getting more control

In June I considered whether the involvement of banks in Fintech could end up being a Trojan horse in the longer term. I assumed that since the new market entrants, Fintechs had an almost perfect understanding of the language of the internet, banks would end up capitulating. Are Banks poised to lose market share to Fintechs? Well, I have to… Read more →


FinTech 2.0 and the C-Word: Collaboration

Is the secret to startup success “collaboration” rather than “disruption”? Rather than wait for disruption, it is increasingly becoming evident that banks are willing to support startups to innovate within the banks’ ecosystem. So it´s now all about FinTech 2.0 and collaboration. While FinTech 1.0 and disruption made banks stop and take notice, FinTech 2.0 is all about letting banks… Read more →