Revolut App Languages: 24 and counting? 🌎

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Regarding the Revolut app languages – Revolut insists that they “are always looking for ways to make your Revolut experience better. Sometimes that means making things run faster, or rearranging a menu so that it’s easier to navigate.”

By focusing on app localization, Revolut is starting to reap rewards. Some of the clear benefits are:

Revolut app languages provide worldwide access

The actual investment in mobile app development is not as substantial in the long run, but upside is exponential when the app gains traction. Revolut is driven by the prospects of scaling globally, which is one of the key factors that drives app developers to create mobile apps. Unfortunately, the execution must be perfect to reach a worldwide audience. That means focusing on localization. With platforms such as Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, mobile entrepreneurs and app developers are able to access a large number of users wordlwide. However, one thing that you cannot ignore is the language barrier. Having 24+ Revolut app languages, the app will definitely gain lasting global traction.

Mobile app localization boosts the potential for success

The language barrier is one of the issues that plague many sectors and industries. In the mobile apps industry, there is no guarantee that each app created will be successful in the market. Although it is essential that app developers should keep in mind that they need mobile app localization to capture international audiences, there are still a few key aspects that they must consider.

According to Revolut, “it’s also important that we push further towards making Revolut the most inclusive financial platform in the world, and that starts with speaking your language. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that the Revolut app is now available in 24 languages!”

Revolut app languages

Which Revolut app languages are available now? 🤔

The Revolut app is already available in the following languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Greek
  4. German
  5. Italian
  6. Japanese
  7. Lithuanian
  8. Polish
  9. Portuguese
  10. Romanian
  11. Spanish
  12. Bulgarian
  13. Croatian
  14. Czech
  15. Danish
  16. Dutch
  17. Estonian
  18. Finnish
  19. Hungarian
  20. Latvian
  21. Norwegian
  22. Slovakian
  23. Slovenian
  24. Swedish

How can I switch languages on my Revolut app? 📲

Once you’ve updated to the latest version of the app, simply set your mobile device to your language of choice and the Revolut app will automatically set the in-app language to match.

💡Tip: How about using Revolut to learn a new language! Simply change the Revolut app language. If you want to switch back, just change your device’s language settings, and the app will automatically update.

Can I choose what Revolut app language I receive support in? 🤷

Not yet. At the momet, you can only set a language for the content displayed within the Revolut app. Revolut is working of implementing full multi-lingual customer support at a future date. Currently, you can only receive assistance  in English or Polish, via the built-in chat.

The support language is automatically determined based on a number of factors, but you can also request English or Polish directly on the support chat. Revolut plans to introduce customer support in Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Lithuanian and German later this year.

What if my app language isn’t supported? 😞

Revolut is looking for your input in determining which other languages to implement into the app. Should you feel that an app language is missing and would make the app even more appealing to you, contact Revolut.

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