Robo Advisor

Why I see a bright future in “Robo+Advisor” (and not in the pure-play Robo-Advisor)

Interview with Spiros Margaris by Kevin Moseri. Last week, I had an insightful interview about the future of robo-advisors with Spiros Margaris (@SpirosMargaris), head of the advisory boutique Margaris Advisory ( and Senior Advisor to FinTech Forum. Additionally, he is a Senior Advisor at kapilendo, a uniquely positioned German crowdlending platform, and at moneymeets, the leading German “FinTech Supermarket” company.… Read more →


So, banking apps are on their way to being redundant after all?

  Chris Gledhall and Secco (bank) are on a mission. I have to admit the whole premise of doing away with banks and banking apps is ingenious! Since the advent of social media channels, banks have always had a weakness ready to be exploited. It certainly could be attributed to rigidity and an inherent unwillingness to adapt to new realities.… Read more →


The fintech landscape 2015 (interview with Kevin Moseri)

  This interview was first published by BankNXT.  Shaun Weston talks to Kevin Moseri about the fintech landscape, big data, regulation, and innovation. I caught up with marketing expert and BankNXT contributor Kevin Moseri this week. He’s an expert in online marketing, and reports on banking and fintech in the payments space. I asked him a few questions about government… Read more →


Why are banks “trying to shapeshift” into technology companies?

Technology in Fintech 1.0 and disruption made banks stop and take notice but Fintech 2.0 is all about letting banks in and allowing them to have a stake in the space. However, during Fintech 1.0 a lot of banks were forced to make what most in the industry saw as knee-jerk decisions, adopting questionable strategies. Most banks are still following… Read more →

Cynical Banks

Are banks cynical about the Fintech Revolution?

Last week I read a very interesting article on the outlook and future of Fintech. Interesting in that it had a very cynical tone from an executive with an extensive banking and banking technology background. The executive goes on to recall the banking technological advances since the 80s: PC, Dial-up Modem, the first ATMs, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), EDI (Electronic… Read more →


Is Fintech Innovation now under threat from major Banks?

We are starting to see unprecedented increase in capital in search of good ideas and innovation. Europe saw a 215% growth rate in FinTech investment in 2014. The UK and Ireland, the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, and Germany saw investments of $623 million, $345 million, $306 million, and $82 million respectively. Fragmented Approach to the changing Innovation landscape “How are… Read more →

Fintech Logo

It’s No Longer The Coming Revolution. FinTech is Already Here!

And here to stay it is. If you haven´t been paying attention, words such as Internet of Things, API, Big Data, Data aggregation, Digital Native, Encryption, Single Sign-On (SSO), Sharing economy, Finserv, Hacker, Disaster recovery, SAAS, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, Bitcoin, Blockchain etc. have become mainstream. No longer are they just confined to certain industries. They have become daily trends. The financial… Read more →